Tuesday, November 28, 2006

143 Years Ago Today

Today in 1863, Thanksgiving was first celebrated as a regular American Holiday. Abraham Lincoln ordered government offices closed for a day of thanksgiving and praise, the last Thursday of November. Thanksgiving has actually had an interesting past with our past Presidents. This New York Sun article explains its history well, beginning with George Washington.
The way we celebrate Thanksgiving today, and the version we see in so many plays is not exactly as it happened. Here are some interesting Mayflower Myths including the clothes they probably wore and the food they probably ate.
When we think of our Thanksgiving Day feast, we think of roasted turkey, stuffing, cranberries and mashed potatoes with gravy. As you can probably guess, this is probably not the meal of those early settlers on their day of thanksgiving. However, turkey is the only poultry native to North America. Cranberries are also native to North America. So it is not a stretch that the Pilgrims could have eaten these delicious morsels.
A bit late I know, but I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday. I hope you were able to enjoy a fabulous feast with your loved ones and relax and enjoy life.

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