Tuesday, August 28, 2007

La Tomatina Festival (The Battle of Tomatoes)

Tomorrow, August 29 is the annual tomato festival in Buñol, Spain. This small town (population 9,000) sits about 25 miles west of Valencia, on the eastern side of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea. Every year about 30,000 people attend the festival for the world’s largest food fight.

The festival started in 1944 and the origin of the tomato fight is uncertain. There is debate as to whether is started between friends or unpleasant crowds, but whatever the reason it has grown to 11-day festival with music, dancing, paella cooking contest and fireworks.

There are a few rules to the mayhem. You may not obstruct the tomato trucks that pull in to replenish the ammunition and you may only throw tomatoes which have been crushed. Preciously at 11am a canon sounds and the fighting begins. It continues for 2 hours, when at 1pm a second canon indicates the end of the fun.

Anyone interested in a transcontinental flight tonight?!?!

For your viewing pleasure, a video of the festival:

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