Tuesday, October 30, 2007


With Halloween fast approaching, it is time to feed your favorite ghost or goblin. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love the gruesome dishes that you can make to accompany it.

The witches’ fingers are by far one of my favorite treats and they are usually one of the first to go. I use a standard pretzel dough recipe, rolling each finger out slimly and adding the marks for knuckles with a paring knife. I then add a sliced almond that has been painted with red food coloring for the finger nail and bake.

To make eyeballs, I core cherry tomatoes and take a small slice off the bottom to allow the tomatoes to sit upright. I pipe them with herbed cream cheese or Boursin cheese mixed with a dash of milk or cream to thin. Finally they are topped with a slice of black olive for the iris and a caper for the pupil.

I have yet to make the kitty litter cake. Living with cats and having to scoop out the litter box, I have not been able to bring myself to make this cake. The smell of the real box always comes to my mind and I am unable to get past reading the recipe.

I have in the past used Martha’s idea to add a face to your punch bowl. Use powder-free rubber gloves and a face mask (any holes taped) as ice molds. Fill with water and freeze. Remember that ice expands, so do not fill all the way. When added to punch, it looks like a face is looking up at you out of the punch bowl. I have learned to make sure your punch is thoroughly chilled or else your scary face will melt too quickly. Make a couple sets so you can enjoy throughout the evening. Dry ice too is a great addition to any witch's brew. I noticed they are now selling dry ice at Meijer.

If all else fails, you can wrap white tissue paper around lollipops, tie with a white string, draw on a spooky face and have ghost-pops.

Links to Halloween recipes:

Do you have any Halloween recipes that you love?

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Corinne said...

I was just thinking about how much I miss those finger bread sticks, and then I check out your blog & there they are!